Not one more death!

I had not really planned on writing this article.  I am an “American Watcher”  I absorb hours and hours of CNN.  I have almost become blind to the gun problems of this great country.   Year after year I watch the horrific gun deaths, particularly those on school properties.  And year after year I watch the obfuscation of American leadership in regard to managing this problem and ask my self all the obvious questions.  Is life so cheap in America that no one cares?   Is politics so important that it overrides any rational decisions making?

Tom Friedman(New York Times) on the Fareed Zakaria programme today suggests that if it had been a Muslim, aka terrorist, all hell would have broken loose, but because the Las Vegas massacre was committed by “one of us”  (not his exact words) there is a whole different worldview.

Having watched Zakaria’s programme with Friedman and David Frum ( The Atlantic) I felt charged up enough to  write and then Fareed introduced Leah Libresco of the Washington Post and I felt mad enough to write in response to her silly research on “I used to  think Gun Control is the answer….”

Zakaria being the professional he is, highlighted  the statistics in Australia which since 1996 has brought down the incidents of horrific gun death by 20% by effective gun control, Japan which has 2 incidents a year in a population of 127 million people because of very stringent Gun control.     Come on America.  Put a value on life.

I read your 2nd Amendment and heard a lot of discussion around it.   Surely human life is more important than those 27 words written for another time, another set of circumstances.

But what are the attitudes changes that are needed?  I heard David Frum make some interesting suggestions on the subject of culture.  He suggested that for example parents who keep guns at home to supposedly protect their families should be seen as bad families, not good families.  I cannot agree more.

I read about the NRA.  I listen to them eloquently argue their case in the media and I am overwhelmed by the self-centered selfishness that I hear in their presentations.   Why on earth would a family need a number of guns to protect itself?  Why the need for the automatic weapons that seem to be in abundance.   These are not hunting arsenal.  So who is getting rich here?   The gun dealers.  And then there is something completely foreign to me.   The politicians who are protecting the vested interests ???   What is going on here?

Hey, Americans this is your fight.  Come out in your thousands.  Take to the streets. Even the Spaniards of Barcelona have done that today.  Wear your T-shirts.  Surely enough is enough!  NOT ONE MORE DEATH NOT ONE MORE DEATH NOT ONE MORE DEATH